Realise your student enrolment and retention goals with a student engagement service made for you

Each university is different, so we do things differently. We partner with universities to provide the right-for-them combination of people, platform and process to build stronger relationships with students.

‘The University is dedicated to increasing the number of international students and is investing in mechanisms to support this. We need to be able to respond to rapidly growing numbers of international enquirers and applicants with increasingly sophisticated needs. UniQuest is able to provide a dedicated, scalable, professional and focused conversion service to meet this ever increasing demand.’

Kelly Cotter, Associate Director International Office at UWE Bristol

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Rachel Fletcher, Managing Director and Co-founder

Rachel Fletcher, Managing Director and Co-founder

Natalie Letcher, Chair & Cofounder

Natalie Letcher, Chair and Co-founder

Charlotte O'Gorman, Client Services Director

Charlotte O’Gorman, Client Services Director

Caroline Scallan, Sales and Marketing Director

Caroline Scallan, Sales & Marketing Director

James Sheppard, Operations Director

James Sheppard, Operations Director

Dan Collis, Salesforce Wizard

Dan Collis, Product Director

Wade Tomlinson, Client Relationship Manager

Ana Dupas, Recruitment Manager

Anaïs Dupas, Client Relationship Manager

Luke Andrew Barker, Recruitment Manager

Luke Barker, Client Relationship Manager

Rebecca Lennon, Recruitment Manager

Rebecca Lennon, Client Relationship Manager

Maneka Edirisinghe, Student Enrolment Assistant

Maneka Edirisinghe, Enrolment Assistant

Laura Cruise, Market Insight Analyst

Laura Cruise, Market Insight Analyst

Darren Fisher, Recruitment Manager

Darren Fisher, Client Relationship Manager

Stef Versace, Student Enrolment Assistant

Stefania Versace, Enrolment Adviser

Andi Yan, Enrolment Adviser

Safiyyah Gareeboo, Student Enrolment Assistant

Safiyyah Gareeboo, Email Marketing Executive

Aruni Vinoth Khanna, Enrolment Adviser

Emma Clark, Client Relationship Manager

Maxim Letcher, Student Enrolment Assistant

Maxim Letcher, Enrolment Adviser

Rona Furnivall, Enrolment Adviser

Hana Jebari, Student Enrolment Assistant

Hana Jebari, Enrolment Adviser

Alicia Wan, Enrolment Adviser

Mary Evans, Marketing Manager

Mary Evans, Marketing Manager

Jane Hendy, Chief Stick Figure

Jane Hendy, Chief Financial Officer