Ana Dupas, Recruitment Manager

Anaïs Dupas, Recruitment Manager

Ana studied abroad in the US for two years, so she has firsthand experience of the international student journey. This is why she’s so pleased to be helping international students go through a similar life-changing experience. She worked as a temp during her studies, so she has numerous skills, including knowing how to make candles. This makes her the member of the UQ team most likely to fit into the nineteenth century.

She loves learning languages, and speaks Russian (which is notoriously difficult), and also French (although, since she is French, this isn’t quite as impressive as it might initially seem).

Ana is trained in interrogation techniques, and frequently deploys them around the office. That and her steely glare strike terror into the hearts of her colleagues. Upon reading this in an early draft of her profile, she nodded and murmured, ‘Good… good’. She is scared of horses and honey. Fortunately, the two are rarely found together.