Darren Fisher, Recruitment Manager

Darren Fisher, Recruitment Manager

Darren joined us as an Enrolment Adviser and is now a Recruitment Manager. He recently spent a year teaching English in Shanghai while eating enormous quantities of Chinese dumplings, which are actually a currency in some places. He’s also travelled more widely around Asia, especially the South East, but he won’t tell us anything about what it was like. Most excitingly, Darren’s been working with out first ever US client, popping over to Ohio at a moment’s notice and coming back with loads of ranch dressing for Mary, and chocolate for the rest of us.

Darren plays the guitar and drums, which are pretty similar, when you think about it. This means we now have enough musicians to get Uni and the Questers, our long-awaited all-UQ blues-revival band, up and running. Sample song titles include ‘Clearing Blues’ and ‘You’ve Got the Key to My Much Higher Conversion Rates (Over the Student Cycle)’ – which we do, by the way.

He also plays football, mainly as an attempt to burn off a year’s worth of dumplings, but also as an avoidance strategy so he doesn’t have to be in the band.