Rebecca Lennon, Student Enrolment Advisor

Rebecca Lennon, Client Relationship Manager

Rebecca graduated from the University of Roehampton in 2015 with a degree in Media and Culture. Rebecca joined the company in October 2015, and says she has learned a lot. Like her fellow Roehampton alumnus, Luke, she enjoys lurking in the background of things. In her case, approximately two-thirds of her face can momentarily be seen in the background of one episode of Strictly Come Dancing. What was it Warhol said about fame, again?

Also like Luke, Rebecca started out as an Enrolment Adviser and did such a good job that we promoted her. She’s now in charge of our services for her alma mater.

Rebecca watched every episode of the reality TV show I Want to Marry Harry, wherein people competed for a chance to marry someone who looked a bit like Prince Harry if you squinted a bit and didn’t really know what Prince Harry looked like. She was very clear that this information should, under no circumstances, be published on the website.