Gaining capacity to engage students the right way

Like universities across the country, the University of Roehampton struggled to get its at-risk students to take advantage of the University’s support services. Dr. Stephen Driver, Roehampton’s Deputy Provost Learning and Teaching, found that at-risk students are harder to reach; they’re disengaged. ‘They need to be chased and they need real conversation. If we can’t re-engage quickly, they drop out.’

With 832 at-risk students identified over the summer of 2016, Dr. Driver’s biggest strategic challenge was reaching at-risk students in the right way in time to make an impact on their success at the University. To scale interventions quickly, Roehampton partnered with UniQuest to fully manage their at-risk student engagement.

Guiding at-risk students to the support they need

Graphic - Roehampton student re-sits growth

UniQuest assembled a team of dedicated Student Engagement Advisers whose objectives were to reach Roehampton’s 832 at-risk students to provide counsel on right-fit support services and encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to re-sit the year.

Representing the University, the UniQuest team phoned each at-risk student personally to discuss their individual circumstances and point them in the right direction for progression. From July to August, the team made a minimum of three calls to each student, followed up with personal emails.

Capturing student insight to inform student success strategies

Since the initial re-sits success, Roehampton and UniQuest have continued to work together to provide ongoing engagement of at-risk students across their student careers. As the UniQuest team supports students, they systematically track and report trends on student challenges, university provision gaps and decision-making.

One trend that UniQuest uncovered was that students had trouble navigating Moodle. In response, Roehampton took steps to make things easier for students including offering Moodle help sessions which the UniQuest team promoted during their conversations with students.

Graphic - Roehampton retention trends

‘Our partnership with UniQuest is having a hugely positive impact on our students and on their success. UniQuest bring a lot of energy and their “can do” approach is really refreshing. We are delighted to be working with them, and we are confident that we are building a long, successful and mutually beneficial partnership.’

Dr. Stephen Driver, Deputy Provost Learning and Teaching

About the University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton educates 10,000 students on its South West London campus. Roehampton’s Learning and Teaching Office is responsible for leading the University’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy. Support for students identified as at-risk and an emphasis on raising academic and future employment aspirations are key features of the office’s strategy.