Photo of UniQuest team members in festive outfits

Our Festive Favourites

Team UQ members from across the globe share their favourite holiday traditions from back home.
Blog feature image of a telephone

To Improve Student Conversion, Use the Phone

Why the phone is your most powerful tool for engaging prospective students.
Map featuring Nigeria

Challenges of Recruiting from Nigeria

West African higher education expert Stuart Rennie shares the challenges and opportunities within the Nigerian market and what you need to do to be successful recruiting there.
Blog feature illustration of WeChat app

Be Creative in How You Recruit Students with WeChat

WeChat is so much more than instant messaging, so your student engagement approach needs to be too. 4 questions you should be asking to build a successful WeChat presence.
Blog feature illustration with speech bubble filled with student icons

Why International Students Decline Your Offers

Analysis of the reasons African, Asian and European students give when they decline offers.
Illustration of people in circle around a lightbulb

To Centralise or Not to Centralise? That Is the Question….

The 5 areas to consider before you decide whether to centralise your university's marketing - or not.
Blog feature image with bullseye on target overlaying a clipboard with a checklist

Open Day Recruitment: 4 Things You Probably Deprioritise, but Shouldn’t

To make the most of your Open Day, you can’t let these 4 tactics slip by the wayside.
Dotted world map

Round-up on the Global Competition to Watch

Snapshot of emerging and familiar, but stronger, competitors that could threaten the UK’s international enrolment dominance.
Blog feature illustration of digital tools

3 Common Pitfalls when Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

See the common barriers to effectively measuring digital marketing ROI in higher education.
Blog feature image with data visualisation icons

Data Visualisation 101

A beginner's guide to visualising data