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Your Cheat Sheet for Recruiting in Malaysia

Experts in the field share trends in student interests, priorities and concerns that can help you improve student engagement in Malaysia.
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Take Control of How TEF Will Impact Your Recruitment

To get a better handle on how TEF will influence your student recruitment, talk to YOUR prospective students now.
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4 Communication Nuances to Better Engage Prospective Students from China

Practical tips for stronger conversations with prospective students from China.
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Summary of April's Tier 4 Updates

A round-up of the 6 April, 2017 changes to Tier 4 rules and take-aways from the International Agent and Partner Conference hosted by Teesside University.
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International Student Recruitment Data You May Be Overlooking

3 international prospective student trends to watch at your University.
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Market Quick Guide: Sri Lanka

Overview of Sri Lanka’s education space and student recruitment recommendations from our Sri Lanka market expert.
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5 Tweaks to Improve Your University's Website

A practical guide to the 'little things' that will improve the prospective student experience on your University’s website.
Photo of UniQuest team member working with a student during InspiresMe Week 2017

InspiresMe Week 2017

Highlights from our participation in InspiresMe Week 2017 - a work placement programme introducing 16-18 year old students to entrepreneurship and business life.
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5Cs of Structuring for Student Conversion Growth

Five considerations to ensure you’re equipped to meet your student enrolment targets.
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Do Emojis Belong in HE Email Marketing?

We've been testing emojis in student recruitment emails. See our early results.