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How the University of Roehampton Increased Undergraduate Home Acceptances by 30%

In today’s highly competitive recruitment environment, moving the needle on home enrolment can be daunting. Working with UniQuest to increase its home, EU and international enrolment, the University of Roehampton partnered with UniQuest on a specialised campaign targeting home offer holders. As part of an overarching home offer holder conversion strategy, Roehampton had two primary objectives – increase attendance at on-campus Offer Holder Days and ensure every student receives personalised follow-up. Beginning the campaign in January, Roehampton has since seen a 48% year-on-year increase in Offer Holder Days’ attendance and 30% year-on-year growth in acceptances.

The approach behind the results

In advance of launching the campaign, UniQuest built a dedicated, flexible enrolment team for Roehampton with first-hand experience of student life at the University.

UniQuest’s Enrolment Adviser team includes a recent Roehampton alumna and three current Roehampton students. Given their own experiences, the team was able to anticipate student needs and offer credible, relatable support to offer holders. Young prospective students loved having access to current students, feeling comfortable speaking with peers who are nonetheless providing informed and authentic insight into student life at the University.

Understanding that phone conversations are the most impactful communication channel for converting students at this stage, the UniQuest team designed its schedule to align with that of the students. We contact students during the prime windows of availability, which are after-school hours between 15:00 and 19:00, weekends and half-term.

Accommodating student schedules was especially critical from January to March when the UniQuest team was actively recruiting students to Roehampton’s winter Offer Holder Days. During this time, the UniQuest enrolment team actively phoned these students to congratulate them on their offer and register students in the moment for Roehampton’s Offer Holder Days. Not only did proactive phone outreach drive registration for Offer Holder Days by streamlining the registration process for students and capturing interest at its peak, it also immediately flagged student conflicts with the events and allowed the team to quickly direct offer holders toward alternative activities, like enhanced campus tours.

Enabled by UniQuest’s platform, the UniQuest enrolment team tracks outreach progress and intelligence sourced from conversations with students to ensure every student receives relevant follow-up that drives conversion improvements. This robust platform coupled with the conversion-focused team provides the scale to personally reach Roehampton’s roughly 6,000 offer holders.

Following Roehampton’s Offer Holder Days, the UniQuest enrolment team sourced the reasons why those who had signed up for Offer Holder Days did not ultimately attend. They then leveraged this information to nudge those students toward the most appropriate substitute and shared the collective data with Roehampton for future planning.

With the campaign still ongoing, the Roehampton and UniQuest teams look forward to seeing acceptances continue to climb.

Gary Davies, Director of Recruitment, International & Admissions at the University of Roehampton commented;

‘We are very pleased with the significant increase in registrations and attendance at our Offer Holder Days. It is early days in our relationship with UniQuest but all the signs are that they are really delivering for us.’

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