Blog - Challenges of recruiting from Nigeria

Challenges of Recruiting from Nigeria

West African higher education expert Stuart Rennie shares the challenges and opportunities within the Nigerian market and what you need to do to be successful recruiting there.
Blog - Why international students decline your offers

Why International Students Decline Your Offers

Analysis of the reasons African, Asian and European students give when they decline offers.
Digital marketing ROI

3 Common Pitfalls when Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

See the common barriers to effectively measuring digital marketing ROI in higher education.
Blog - Data visualisation 101

Data Visualisation 101

A beginner's guide to visualising data
Blog - Are you optimised for these popular student email providers?

Are You Optimised for These Popular Student Email Providers?

Learn the email providers that prospective students are using, and how it varies by country.
Blog - The best ways to reach your prospective students

The Best Ways to Reach Your Prospective Students

Study challenges common assumptions regarding how prospective students prefer to communicate with universities.
Blog - Why do prospective students turn down university places?

Why Do Prospective Students Turn Down University Places?

UniQuest’s core mission isn’t simply to help our clients…