Gain competitive advantage with in-cycle student recruitment data

Do you know what your students are thinking at this (or any) stage in the student recruitment cycle?

Universities often wish that they had easily available data captured in one place, ready to measure, monitor, forecast and plan for each recruitment cycle.

Unfortunately, for many, this is not possible due to legacy systems that don’t communicate with each other effectively and an inability to visualise the student recruitment data in such a way that senior managers can focus resource and effort to improve conversion  — and ultimately the prospective student experience.

UniQuest’s university partners can visualise all prospective student communications and engagement activities. This is possible through a series of reports and dashboards within the UQ Platform, providing timely, meaningful, and most importantly, actionable insights across the full student journey from enquiry through to enrolment.

Partners also benefit from insights and benchmarks in-cycle sourced from the broader UniQuest partner community.

‘UniQuest have demonstrated time and again, the benefit of external benchmarking in measuring institutional performance against domestic competitors. Applying this sector intelligence has allowed Teesside to calibrate internal recruitment targets … A truly valuable tool and an increasingly important strategic relationship for Teesside University.’

Adam Rennison, Head of International Recruitment, Teesside University

Harness qualitative and quantitative student journey intelligence

Competitive insights are generated through analysis of quantitative data and equally importantly, through recorded anecdotal information gained from student conversations managed by UniQuest’s experienced Enrolment Advisers. University partners use this information to inform future conversion, engagement and recruitment strategies as well as in-cycle tactics.

Example qualitative in-cycle student conversion insights

‘I currently hold another offer from Germany, however I prefer [your university] since the work placement is offered and the availability of staff.’

As UniQuest nurtures prospective students towards enrolment, the student intelligence allows our partners to better forecast enrolment providing a clearer picture of students’ decision-making criteria and enabling marketing and student recruitment activities to be refined and improved.

Optimise your student recruitment strategies

Most Higher Education providers struggle to understand what is and isn’t working. Recruitment teams don’t have access to these on-demand insights let alone data around prospective student decision-making, so they can’t react in cycle to improve conversion rates and achieve challenging targets. Therefore, universities that can acquire this type of student data have a real competitive advantage.

To learn how UniQuest can provide you with comprehensive student journey data in cycle, chat with our team.