Blog - Getting personal to tackle student non-continuation

Getting Personal to Tackle Student Non-Continuation

We’re thrilled to officially announce that we have partnered with higher education consultancy Retinent to deliver the most proactive and personal student success service on the market.

UK universities lose over £683m from student non-continuation. While universities are investing in student support services on their campuses, they still struggle to get students to take advantage of these resources. Together, UniQuest and Retinent help universities overcome this barrier by identifying at-risk students at the earliest point in their university careers and encouraging them to use the right-fit resources and services from the University to improve retention, progression and employability.

To identify vulnerable students before issues occur, Retinent assesses individual student resilience with its ‘Resilience +’ programme. Based upon the MTQ48 test – a 48-question questionnaire developed through rigorous academic research – ‘Resilience +’ helps universities recognise potential retention issues. As Charles Cormack, Founder and Chief Executive of Retinent, explains ‘By identifying and intervening with those students who are less resilient early on in their University life, you can reduce drop-out rates. In other words, spot those who are more likely to leave the course when the going gets tough before they hit the rough water and do something about it.’

Informed by each student’s MTQ results, UniQuest engages each student on behalf of the University to encourage them to leverage the best-fit support offered by the University. As UniQuest engages students with proactive outreach via personal phone calls, emails, live chats and more, they systematically track and report trends back to university clients on the challenges their students are facing, student feedback on university provision gaps and students’ reasons for non-continuation. Proactive interventions ensure students get the support they need in time to make an impact on their success and the student insights inform the University strategy, resulting in increased retention.

Dr. Stephen Driver, Deputy Provost Learning and Teaching from the University of Roehampton, has been working with UniQuest to improve retention since the summer of 2016 and said ‘Our partnership with UniQuest is having a hugely positive impact on our students and on their success. UniQuest bring a lot of energy and their “can do” approach is really refreshing. We are delighted to be working with them, and we are confident that we are building a long, successful and mutually beneficial partnership.’ To see how we’ve worked together with Roehampton to meaningfully impact student retention, see their case study.

UniQuest and Retinent’s personalised end-to-end service enables universities to quickly and expertly intervene with every student to support them on their unique path to success without breaking budgets to hire additional staff or implement new technologies.

Natalie Letcher, Co-founder and Chair of UniQuest, said ‘We are delighted to work with Retinent to enable more Universities to meet their missions of helping students reach their potential through proactive, personal and expert student engagement.’


If you’re interested in learning more about our approach to student retention, please feel free to contact us.