UniQuest harnesses daily student visa refusal data for universities

Students’ abilities to get study visas plays a huge role in international enrolment outcomes. Yet, universities have little in-cycle data around visa refusal rates and factors, making enrolment forecasting difficult.

To remove this blind spot, we have developed a first-of-its-kind dashboard providing universities daily intelligence on institutional and benchmarked student visa refusal rates and reasons.

UniQuest student visa refusal dashboard screenshot

UniQuest’s new institutional dashboards arm international student recruitment teams with daily data that provides a clearer picture of how visa processing will influence enrolments by source market. Within the dashboards, universities can compare their own visa trends against benchmarked data from the UniQuest partner group.

Monitoring visa refusal rates and reasons by region, country and state, universities can identify visa refusal hotspots and pivot international recruitment strategies in cycle and in time to make an impact on their upcoming intakes.

At UniQuest, we’re committed to investing in insights that help our partners deliver the best possible service to students and enrol ahead of the curve. Our new visa refusal dashboards will provide that extra layer of data intelligence that will sharpen our university partners’ competitive edge.

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