Data-driven student engagement strategies

Can you deliver high quality communications to prospective students and measure their impact throughout the cycle?

Universities are often overwhelmed by enquiries and find it very difficult to tell whether marketing spend translates into enrolled or retained students. Naturally, every student recruitment team wants to be able to communicate with future students at scale and pace because we know that the right engagement transforms the student experience.

Student feedback

‘Wow, you really have shown that you really care for your students and applicants. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement amidst our current crisis. I say kudos.’

Omni-channel student engagement 

UniQuest offers a proven methodology to address the student recruitment and retention challenges that our university partners experience.

We provide student engagement expertise based on our bespoke technical eco-system, which enables omni-channel communications and produces valuable insights that in turn support intelligent strategic decision-making.

Partner impact

‘UniQuest was at the centre of our success recruiting students in the midst of COVID-19. Next to invaluable market insights, they provided the platform to communicate timely with students who were craving information.’

Javier Arias — Senior Marketing Manager, Master and PhD Schools
EIT InnoEnergy

  • 212K

    Total multichannel communications managed by UniQuest on behalf of EIT InnoEnergy

  • 59%

    Year-on-year increase in self-funded students

  • 67%

    Increase in the proportion of enrolled students who are self-funded

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The UniQuest approach sets the standard for both prospective and existing student engagement through our expert people coupled with clear and transparent processes, ensuring our service is more strategic, innovative and proactive.

Becoming part of the UniQuest partner group allows universities to achieve demonstrable improvements in conversion rates from enquiry to enrolment and retention. Get in touch with our team to discuss student engagement and conversion strategies that can help you meet your enrolment goals.