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3 Common Pitfalls when Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

Digital marketing in higher education has matured from the hot new recruitment trend to a staple in most universities’ marketing budgets. Despite the increasing investment across the sector, it’s still a real challenge to effectively measure the performance of digital marketing efforts. In conversations with marketing professionals across the sector, we’ve surfaced three common barriers that are making digital marketing ROI a tricky area to measure.

Challenge 1:Ensuring that we really can track each lead effectively when their journey to enrolment cuts across a number of different data capture/CRM systems’

Housing data across various different systems in a university makes it nearly impossible – hair-pullingly arduous at the very least – to get a complete picture of students’ journeys to enrolment. With limited visibility, you can’t have complete confidence in understanding the ROI of your campaigns.

Challenge 2: Devolved nature of the activity’

Just as your data is housed in various systems, digital campaigns are often managed across multiple teams. With different people working on various pieces of the puzzle, organisations often get trapped reviewing digital activities in isolation instead of as part of an integrated campaign. Knowing that students rarely interact with a university exclusively via a single channel, marketers are looking to align not only their systems but also their human resources to get a complete understanding of digital performance.

Challenge 3: ‘Time to effectively manage and monitor campaigns’

Balancing a million other priorities, marketers struggle to find the time they need to assess digital marketing ROI. Without clean, complete and actionable data at your fingertips, trying to piece the moving parts together is a major time commitment. And even if you manage to snag the time, you’re likely not able to get the full story.


Although the struggle is real when it comes to measuring digital marketing ROI, it’s certainly not a lost cause. If you missed our presentation at the recent CASE Europe Annual Conference, contact us to learn how you can overcome these barriers and close the loop on digital marketing ROI.