pillars high-performing international student conversion operations

Pillars of a High-Performing International Student Conversion Operation

Originally published in NAFSA’s Winter 2019 issue of the IEM Spotlight, learn the core competencies that are critical in driving prospective international student engagement and conversion.
Blog -UniQuest opens regional hub in the Philippines

UniQuest Opens Asia Pacific Hub

Excited to announce that we have appointed Andrew Mills as Managing Director of our new Asia Pacific regional hub.
Blog - Your cheat sheet for recruiting in Malaysia

Your Cheat Sheet for Recruiting in Malaysia

Experts in the field share trends in student interests, priorities and concerns that can help you improve student engagement in Malaysia.
Blog - 4 communication nuances to better engage prospective students from China

4 Communication Nuances to Better Engage Prospective Students from China

Practical tips for stronger conversations with prospective students from China.
Blog - Market Quick Guide: Sri Lanka

Market Quick Guide: Sri Lanka

Overview of Sri Lanka’s education space and student recruitment recommendations from our Sri Lanka market expert.
Blog - Challenges of recruiting from Nigeria

Challenges of Recruiting from Nigeria

West African higher education expert Stuart Rennie shares the challenges and opportunities within the Nigerian market and what you need to do to be successful recruiting there.
Blog - Round-up on the global competition to watch

Round-up on the Global Competition to Watch

Snapshot of emerging and familiar, but stronger, competitors that could threaten the UK’s international enrolment dominance.
Blog - Why do prospective students turn down university places?

Why Do Prospective Students Turn Down University Places?

UniQuest’s core mission isn’t simply to help our clients…