Blog - Market Quick Guide: Sri Lanka

Market Quick Guide: Sri Lanka

Overview of Sri Lanka’s education space and student recruitment recommendations from our Sri Lanka market expert.
Blog - 5 tweaks to improve your university's website

5 Tweaks to Improve Your University's Website

A practical guide to the 'little things' that will improve the prospective student experience on your University’s website.
Blog - 5Cs of structuring for student conversion growth

5Cs of Structuring for Student Conversion Growth

Five considerations to ensure you’re equipped to meet your student enrolment targets.
Blog - Do emojis belong in HE email marketing?

Do Emojis Belong in HE Email Marketing?

We've been testing emojis in student recruitment emails. See our early results.
Blog - Dos & Don’ts for universities hosting web chat events

Dos & Don’ts for Universities Hosting Web Chat Events

What you should and shouldn’t do to make your next web chat event a successful student conversion activity.
Blog - To improve student conversion, use the phone

To Improve Student Conversion, Use the Phone

Why the phone is your most powerful tool for engaging prospective students.
WeChat in student recruitment

Be Creative in How You Recruit Students with WeChat

WeChat is so much more than instant messaging, so your student engagement approach needs to be too. 4 questions you should be asking to build a successful WeChat presence.
Blog - Open Day recruitment: 4 things you probably deprioritise, but shouldn’t

Open Day Recruitment: 4 Things You Probably Deprioritise, but Shouldn’t

To make the most of your Open Day, you can’t let these 4 tactics slip by the wayside.
Blog - The best ways to reach your prospective students

The Best Ways to Reach Your Prospective Students

Study challenges common assumptions regarding how prospective students prefer to communicate with universities.