Image of fireworks for UniQuest 2015 summary

End-of-Year Roundup, 2015

2015 has been an exciting year for UniQuest (well, we were never going to start an end-of-year blog with ‘2015’s been bloody awful, were we?). We’ve acquired several new clients, explored new partnerships to better deliver our services, hired great new staff (plus one or two we’re not so sure about), moved office and put together a lot of desks. Our newer, cooler team also inspired us to book our first ever staff training day, which was an all-round success.

TargetX have partnered with us to provide our clients with a greater range of digital services, keeping our promise to stay on top of developments in the world of tech and digital. Our new services integrate with our existing ones to provide our clients with still more of the data-rich info they’ve grown used to, while giving us access to the technological expertise that has see TargetX grow so quickly in the US market.

ICEF Monitor included their interview with Rachel on their ‘most-read and must-reads’ end-of-year list. They were impressed by UQ’s report into the growing role for digital in international recruitment (which was the subject of Rachel’s presentation at NARIC 2015) and so were their readers!

Looking forward, we’ve got plans to revamp our website, explore more partnerships and keep on growing, starting with an event up in Scotland early on in the New Year. And at some point, we’re going to persuade Nat and Rach to agree to the UniQuest UniCorn as our company mascot…

Merry Christmas!

The year in numbers:

Cups of tea drunk: 22,876 (approx.) +1 thrown at a client (accidentally)

Number of office moves: 1

Tweets: 129

Twitter followers: 239

Number of languages spoken by the team: 6

Money collected for charity at Friday office bar: £ 5,634

Lego sets purchased: 2

Grapefruit eaten: 1461

Times Max said, ‘Hi, it’s Max calling from the University of the West of England’: 5897

Times UQ team was evacuated from a building: 2 (once here, once in Glasgow at five in the morning)

Heart attacks caused by the incredibly loud fire alarm test every Wednesday morning: 0 – so far

Awards shows crashed: 1

Survival rate following office party: 100% – a new record!