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Roehampton Student Ambassadors join Team UQ

To make sure we always provide the best service to our clients, we frequently hire staff on short term contracts to cover particularly busy periods in the student recruitment cycle. As such, we’ve got four temps starting this week, three of whom are currently student ambassadors studying at the University of Roehampton, one of our clients.

This is a great arrangement for all sides. As current students at Roehampton, the ambassadors have an up to date, organic understanding of what draws people to their uni, so they can apply that knowledge to provide a great service to prospects and thereby increase conversion rates. Crucially, though, we don’t rely exclusively on their native knowledge: we actively engage with them and train them up so that they gain valuable skills in communication, customer service and teamwork, which they can then take back with them to their studies and onward to their future careers. We also provide flexible working hours so that they can fit their work with us around their studies.

It’s a virtuous cycle and, overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal for all concerned, which we think justifies our mildly absurd level of excitement at the whole arrangement. As Katie Archer, the UQ Recruitment Manager who’ll be overseeing the ambassadors, puts it:

It’s in everyone’s interest for us to use ambassadors: Roehampton are happy as they know and trust them, and we’re happy because they can talk really credibly to potential students about their experiences. They are also a fantastic learning resource for us as they are honest and they tell us about the things students really want to know about, for example, social events, the best halls to live in and what it’s actually like being a student there.

It’s also a great example of how we go above and beyond in the service we provide our clients by, in this case, working with the university to give some of their students a whole new learning experience. We already have a couple of Roehampton alumni, including a former student ambassador, working with us at UQ, so they’ll be on hand to make sure the new staff feel totally at home while they’re here.

We’d also like to clarify that, whatever you may have read on our Twitter feed, no one will be making tea for anyone but themselves. Except, that is, for the people responsible for the tweet, who have been identified and made to fetch tea for everyone, forever. Especially the ambassadors.