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Team UQ Hit the Road for Conferences and Partner Meetings

We’ve been busy as ever at UQ, with various members of the team spending the past fortnight at conferences or meetings with our university partners. The goal was our usual one: keep up to date on trends in higher ed and tech, so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients.

On top of spending dozens of collective hours on trains, we’ve been planning a move to a new office that’s big enough for our ever-expanding team. And, of course, our enrolment advisers have been doing the actual job the company was set up to do – providing a fantastic service to our clients.

Education Strategy Forum

The Education Strategy Forum is rightly one of the big events of the higher education calendar. This year, delegates and attendees tackled a range of issues, from the possible effects of cloud computing on the international education market, to where we got those marshmallows with our logos printed on them. Our founders Rachel Fletcher and Natalie Letcher, along with Simon Pardy, our Business Development Director, went to Windsor to listen, network and contribute to the discussion. Natalie gave an insightful and well-received presentation on how we use our state-of-the-art platform to dramatically improve conversion rates while collecting crucial data for our clients. Simon, meanwhile, enjoyed taking part in some speed-dating, which he claims was a kind of official networking event, in his trademark blue suit (pictured above). The events of the first day were followed by a dinner in a fairly extraordinary chapel — check out the pics from the ESF Twitter account to get an idea of how cool it was.

We had a great time and we’re looking forward to the many conversations to follow. If you didn’t manage to catch us at the event, then get in touch with us now. If you need some extra encouragement, we still have a couple of marshmallows left…


The UniQuest team with marshmallows


… for now.

Inside Government

We were also at the Inside Government event on regulation of HEIs, so that we could get the inside track on how institutions are responding to the planned changes to university regulation, in order to be ahead of the curve and shape our services to meet evolving needs. With both the department of Business, Innovation and Skills and the Higher Education Funding Council for England proposing major changes to HE regulation last year, there was plenty to talk about and we were able to gain some valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities UK universities are likely to encounter as they adapt to a new regulatory framework.

International Higher Education Forum

Not content with going to just two conferences in the space of a week, we also sent Mary Evans, our Marketing Manager, to the International Higher Education Forum. The possibility of Brexit was, unsurprisingly, a buzz, but the day focused on the possibilities offered by an increasingly globalised education system. Corny as it may be, it was an inspiring time to spend the day with hundreds of leaders from Britain’s universities and higher education experts from across the globe. We look forward to continuing to develop our service to help UK universities tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities that the future holds.