UniQueststudent visa dashboard announcement feature

UniQuest harnesses daily student visa refusal data for universities

Learn about the first-of-its-kind dashboard we've developed to provide universities daily intelligence on institutional and benchmarked student visa refusal rates and reasons.
Illustration of dynamic content email

How to use dynamic content to increase email personalisation at your university

Learn how dynamic content can improve email personalisation and engagement, and see 3 steps for planning dynamic email campaigns of your own.
Blog feature illustration of WeChat app

Be Creative in How You Recruit Students with WeChat

WeChat is so much more than instant messaging, so your student engagement approach needs to be too. 4 questions you should be asking to build a successful WeChat presence.
ICEF logo

Rachel Talks to ICEF Monitor about the Growing Role for Digital in Student Recruitment

Following on from our presentation at the 2015 NARIC Conference…
image of man with education technology

The Future of Education and Technology

It’s impressive watching technology innovation happening all…