Illustration of city skyline in China

4 Communication Nuances to Better Engage Prospective Students from China

Practical tips for stronger conversations with prospective students from China.
Blog feature image of a visa application that's been approved

Summary of April's Tier 4 Updates

A round-up of the 6 April, 2017 changes to Tier 4 rules and take-aways from the International Agent and Partner Conference hosted by Teesside University.
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International Student Recruitment Data You May Be Overlooking

3 international prospective student trends to watch at your University.
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Market Quick Guide: Sri Lanka

Overview of Sri Lanka’s education space and student recruitment recommendations from our Sri Lanka market expert.
Map featuring Nigeria

Challenges of Recruiting from Nigeria

West African higher education expert Stuart Rennie shares the challenges and opportunities within the Nigerian market and what you need to do to be successful recruiting there.
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Be Creative in How You Recruit Students with WeChat

WeChat is so much more than instant messaging, so your student engagement approach needs to be too. 4 questions you should be asking to build a successful WeChat presence.
Blog feature illustration with speech bubble filled with student icons

Why International Students Decline Your Offers

Analysis of the reasons African, Asian and European students give when they decline offers.
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Round-up on the Global Competition to Watch

Snapshot of emerging and familiar, but stronger, competitors that could threaten the UK’s international enrolment dominance.
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4 Recruitment Strategies to Build a Global University

Four ways an optimal recruitment strategy can lay the foundation for a global university.