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Hiring for Success

As we grow, we think a lot about the kind of people we need to bring on to be successful; the things we are and aren’t good at; and what kind of person is going to help us reach our goals and bring an energy and attitude that helps sustain the culture we’re working hard to shape.  It takes some considerable reflection to constantly evaluate the skills and abilities we need to keep us moving in the right direction, with no small amount of guesswork about what this requirement might look like for as yet only vaguely defined products and services in the future to address emerging market opportunities.

Prospective employees should think carefully about how they articulate what they bring to any business they’re seeking work at – employers want to be convinced that you want to come and work for them and why you think you’d be a good fit; and the employer should be able to convince you in return that it’ll be worthwhile.  Welcome to all our new staff and we hope we make it worth your while!